Employment Law & Expats

Employment law and corporate success are closely linked. The correct use of labour law instruments is a decisive factor in whether staff can be motivated and retained in the company, whether reorganisations and restructurings succeed, whether working time models and compliance requirements take sufficient account of business operations, and whether conflicts with the workforce can be avoided from the outset.

In conflict situations, bespoke strategies and experienced litigation representation are needed to ensure that valuable management time is not unnecessarily tied up. European legal requirements and increasing specialisation result in an ever denser and more complex network of standards, which require precise implementation in terms of employment law.

Our employment law team provides comprehensive and cross-industry advice in all areas of individual and collective Austrian and European employment law – both in ongoing employment law consulting and in restructuring and corporate acquisitions.

Our main areas of focus include the drafting of contracts relevant to employment law, compliance advice for companies, advice on legal issues relating to works constitutions and collective agreements, conflict management, employment law litigation, and residence and employment law (expats).

We understand labour law as a cross-sectional matter in which adjacent areas of law (corporate, insolvency, social) are considered in context. This ensures that the entrepreneurial perspective remains in focus and that employment law advice is not decoupled from business requirements.




Jakob Widner
LL.M. (NYU) | Mag.iur. (University of Vienna) | Partner
T+43 1 401 17 - 0
image expand Areas of expertise
  • Contract drafting and separation models
  • Social plans
  • Industrial relations & Collective bargaining
  • Reorganization & Restructuring
  • Transfer of undertakings & employment law  in relation to M&A
  • Dispute resolution & conflict management
  • Pension Plans
  • Posting of employees
  • Working time  
  • Data Protection & Compliance
  • Right of residence and work permit / Expatriates